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Tips to Optimizing WordPress Website

Wordpress Speed Kerala

There are thousands of websites developed using the WordPress platform. WordPress websites are easy to develop and manage. Some simple tips to optimize your WordPress website.

Before we start The time it takes to load your website is always influces the ranking and all. If your website is slow none of the visitors will stick on your site. Check your websites speed using free tools like GTMetrix, YSlow and Google Page Speed Insights.

Select right hosting plan

Selecting the right plan for the website is a vital task. First step is that optimize your website correctly, Tools will always give advises of the responses time. You can even compare with similar websites.web hosting

Use fast WordPress Theme

Over use of images or bad codes will increase the weight of the pages, that will affect your page load times. Elect a design which is optimized for mobiles, tablets and desktops, make sure that all pages having same URL.

Neglect unwanted plug-in

plugins First of all you should ask yourself “Is this plug-in is necessary or not?”One of the issue foe a webpage being slow is that use of unwanted plug-in. Pay attention to how much CPU plug-in use too. If the plug-in can bottleneck your CPU your whole server could go down. There are plenty of plug-in which will slow down your server. There is a plug-in named P3 Profiler will show that how much loading time plug-in will add.

 Optimize the images

Images will help you to spread or share the article all over the social media services. They may need more storage. Pages that contain many images can take a long time to load. Optimize your images for the internet before you upload them for your website. Most photo editing applications, such as Photoshop, allow you to do this via the “Save for Web” option.download (1)

Use a Content Delivery Network

Your website is hosted in a data center anywhere in the world. The further a visitor is from the location of your data center, the longer it takes for your websites to load.

Content Delivery Networks addresses this issue by utilizing dozens of data centers around the globe. They take the heavy work away from your hosting company by hosting your images, CSS and Javascript files, and serving these files to visitors from the closest location to them. Seconds can be taken away from your page loading times because of this.

Optimizing your website is not an option. With search engines placing importance on the speed of web pages, it is vital to your website’s success to have fast loading web pages.


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